C.H.I. Commercial Lift Ready Coiling Grilles: 9300

9300 Lift Ready Coiling Grilles


  • Classic grille look offers you security, visibility, and ventilation while well-engineered design features streamline the installation process to save time and money
  • Operation: Manual push, chain hoist, awning crank, in-the-tube motor, or standard motor operation
  • Optional hoods and fascias in steel or aluminum are available for exposed coil applications
  • Easy installation - pioneering installation features include the curtain factory wrapped on the aluminum barrel for ease in moving to the site

The Series 9300 lift rolling steel doors have a revolutionary new design that reduces installation time without compromising security. They're equipped with the exclusive Smart-Lock System, which allows end users to engage the lock at a convenient height and then close the rolling steel door to the floor.


Mounting Options

Two standard mounting options are available: E-Mount or Z-Mount.

  • E-Mounts are typically required when the jambs are capped with steel. With this mounting option the angle faces toward the opening.
  • Z-Mounts are used for wood, concrete or masonry block

Aluminum Angle:

Aluminum mounting angles may utilize a hollow, double-wall design to completely hide guide fasteners.

Steel Support Tubes:

Tubes are mounted into a sleeve cup on the slab and attached to the steel joists at the top. This allows for the grille/closure to be installed first before any walls are built eliminating the difficulty of working around studs, HVAC and plumbing.

Telescoping Aluminum Tubes:

  • Support tubes are designed to extend beyond the opening to the deck above. They are simple to attach to the floor and ceiling deck and require no modifications on the job site.
  • Maximum extension is 8ft. above opening


  • Manual push-up
  • Chain-hoist
  • Awning crank
  • Tube motor
  • Bracket/Wall-Mounted Motor Operator